Late Buba Baldeh

“If President Jammeh denies my body to enter the Gambia, bury me in Madina Qunas in Senegal,” Late Bubacarr Micheal Baldeh

As if the political hero knew what would happen after his death, Bubacarr Baldeh instructed close relatives that, if he didn’t recover from the stomach complication from which he died, and President Jammeh refuse his copse entry to Basse, he wanted no other place to be laid to rest but the spiritual home of Madina Qunas.

The late Baldeh’s family members are still negotiating passage to Mansajang from the border town of Wellingara.However, many are now resigned to heading to Madina Qunas in Senegal. Buba Baldeh’s body left Dakar last night and is presently in Wellingara. Buba is defiant even in death, and if any Gambian out there still gives President Jammeh the benefit of doubt, you are looking at the wrong priorities in human governance and public administration.

Buba Baldeh is a regular pilgrim to Madina Qunas, a place of serenity and Islamic traditional learning. The Fulbe centre of Islamic teaching and spiritual training, Madina Qunas has played a significant part of the late Buba Baldeh’s exiled life. He sought assurances and spiritual fortitude in Qunas, helping him maintain his focus and the destiny of God, the task of fighting a tyrant and the final journey every living being will make.

Conflicting reports were filling the air last night with speculations that, the late politician Buba Baldeh’s copse will not be allowed burial rights in his native town of Basse Mansajang kunda.

However, Kairo News contacted family sources who confirm since yesterday that, they are unaware of any such restriction. Arrangements were in place and family and friends have travelled from all over the Gambia and the sub-region to attend the funeral of the famous politician.

Bubacarr Baldeh’s remains are now in Wellingara, a border town close to Basse. The family are hopeful that, there will be no hitch up with  the convoy from Dakar having a smooth journey to Buba’s final resting place in Basse Mansajang kunda.





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