Gambian President Yahya Jammeh in March this year delivered what some people described as a moving speech at the Conference of International Peace and Security in Abuja, Nigeria. The speech stressed emphasis on the need for people of different faiths to live in peace and harmony in the world.

But Sahara TV presenter of Keeping It Real, Adeola Fayehun, questioned President Jammeh’s honesty and reliability because of the mismatch between his Abuja speech and actions back home.

Adeola asked whether President Jammeh’s appearance and speech in Nigeria proved his sainthood. The TV show host, who holds brief for oppressed Africans across the continent and holds leaders accountable, asked Gambian leader to preoccupy himself with fixing his country’s broken system of governance rather than preaching what he (Jammeh) does not practice.

Find out why Adeola thinks President Yahya Jammeh is a hypocrite in this attached video, in which she slammed Mr. Jammeh for not keeping it real in the Gambia where citizens’ fundamental rights and freedoms  have been trampled upon.  Enjoy Adeola as she bites the man who controls everything Gambian, including land, sea and people.



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