yahya jammehOur State House source has exposed President Yahya Jammeh’s hypocrisy, wondering why Gambian leader continues his systematic campaign against the west.

 Some years back, Gambian leader denied accepting the said Honorary Citizenship, let alone keeping it. But his latest rant against the west has forced a State House staff to cough up. “It is about time we let the cat out of the bag,” the staff said, begging for cover.

“This is a secret that few people know about but it is about time that we exposed President Jammeh. He is a fake; his double standards are becoming too unbecoming.  If he hates the west, in particular United States and United Kingdom, as he claims and campaigns, then let him relinquish his honorary United States Citizenship. Give the credit where it is due, he got it through his outstanding military achievement in the State of Alabama during his military studies in the early 90s.”

United States Honorary Citizenship is usually conferred on a non-citizen of exceptional merit. It is usually by an Act of Congress or by a proclamation issued by the President of the United States. Honorary Citizenship does not grant an eligibility for passport.

Our source asked President Jammeh “to relinquish his US citizenship if he believes in what he preaches. I think something is definitely wrong with President Jammeh. His words are not matching with his deeds. That is not a good sign of a normal person,”our source said, brimming with confidence that “his head is not leveled.”

“Gambians will be surprised to know that Jammeh’s every action, including the way he dresses, is fake. He only wears the white outfit (kaftan) when he is out of State House. He abandons the dress as soon as he walks into State House gates. He wears trap suit most often. I want Gambians to know that their president is nothing but a fake. If he does not stop his anti-West bashing, I will be forced to make more startling revelations, including the language spoken in his house.”

Our source said Mr. Jammeh disliked America for a reason. “He knows Americans know him very well which is why he hates them. If he hates the West, let him withdraw the citizenship of his kids and abandon their American doctors and therapists. Also his mother’s doctors are in America in Belgium.  His mother is usually flown to Belgium anytime diabetes struck her, fearing she could not make the nine-hour flight to America. His mother is also battling Type 2 Diabetes.”


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