This embedded video paints a perfect picture of a country whose virginity has been shattered by a military junta that took over a democratically elected government and promised heaven and earth. A junta whose propaganda machine made change hungry Gambians believe that glory days were coming fast and that all vices – corruption, flamboyant lifestyle and misuse of state resources would be replaced by accountability, transparency, probity and good governance. Little did Gambians knew all the rhetoric was nothing but a hoax. That is not all. What is not understood by many was that the junta leader will entrench himself in power and seized the freedom and peace that makes the country unique. One thing that is certain is that it will take Gambians decades to recover from the damage Yahya Jammeh has caused to their social fabric. The story of the Gambia’s sweet and old days is captured in this 12 minutes video documentary produced and directed by Barbara Wiener. This is a shorter version of a lengthy video that caused tears to drop in Minnesota Federal Courtroom where Cherno Njie and three others were convicted for violating the United States Neutrality Act. The men’s case stemmed from their role in the December 30th attack on the Gambia’s state house. Even the judge himself had battled to keep emotion from conquering him, several Gambians who witnessed the case said.

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