By Suntou Bolonba

Baba K Jobe is not the only political Godfather of the Gambia. Blame Gambian writers and intellectuals for their failure to say nothing about the Jammeh dictatorship.

Apart from Dr Baba Galleh, Dr Sedat Jobe, Dr Abdoulie Saine, Late Dr Boro Suso, Dr lamin J Darboe, Dr Malanding Jaiteh, Dr Amadou Janneh, Sidi Sanneh and few others, the rest of our Gambian scholars and academics mute on the system we are fighting to disable; some are even working behind the scene to strengthen the dictator.

Sall and LeighWhy the deafening silences from the following Gambian scholars: Dr Ebrima Sall, Dr Cherno Barry, Dr Tijan Sallah, Dr Lamin Leigh, Dr Momodou Sallah, Dr Abou Jeng and the many with PhD doctors. Not that they have to say anything; however, I think some of them are authors and social thinkers who are thinking Africa-wide whilst avoiding anything remotely Gambian. We also have to acknowledge that some scholars are helping underground against the dictatorship as well. If the scholars – bearers of the light – fear the consequences of saying something openly, how will the laymen and women feel?

Taking on from where the writer Max [pen name] left off. It is vital that, Gambians commence documenting all the individuals who dressed up, cemented and made the then Chairman of the AFPRC military Junta [now President Jammeh of APRC] acceptable to Gambians.

Baba K Jobe [RIP] was singled out for special treatment. In fact, his latest article was so popular that it earned the title of the most commented on Kairo News. However, the reality is that the group or interest group that ‘gave a human face to the dictatorship’ is way beyond the machination of one man or woman.


Dr Isatou Njie-Saidy’s profile includes the manner she betrays her late husband’s legacy and giving the most dangerous element to the Jammeh dictatorship, ‘the motherly, feminine sympathetic touch’ that deceives majority of Gambians. She is the Godmother of the Jammeh’s rotten system.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta – What about the Nuimi breed who is calculating and providing consistent fatherly shoulder to President Jammeh. He is also a God-father to the APRC and real traitor to the common Gambian decency.

Yankuba Badjie – He is both manipulative and self-serving person who deceives Gambians regularly due to his humble background and close relationships with many Gambians before joining the ruthless system.

Lang Tombong Tamba – Former army chief is another manipulative double-faced Godfather.

Amadou Samba – The lawyer-turned-business magnate is the God-father engine tasked with connecting the business angle of the Jammeh dictatorship.

Barristers Pap Cheyasin Secka and Fafa Mbai both served as the legal God-fathers of Jammeh’s rotten system.

Neneh Mccdonald-Gaye, a long serving dangerous associate, effectively did Jammeh’s bidding in the media. Who forgets about the role she had played in spying over opposition journalist at GRTS?

Current Paramount Chief Sanyang of Lamin is giving a traditional face.

Former Associate ‘Imam Abdoulie Fatty’ hid behind religious to justify dictatorship. He was the religious touch of the system.

Banjul Imam Ratib of Banjul, Alh. Cherno Kah is is also another ‘religious face’ of the Jammeh regime.

Christian Clergies – except the late Bishop Telewa Johnson – willingly became ‘religious faces’ of the Gambian dictatorship.

These are just the few who occupy the many layers of the Godfather position. President Jammeh – the man who ascended to power without an inkling of how a state is being run – has been able to have grip on power thanks to the underground guidance and support of our Gambian academics and intellectuals. They have become the light used by Mr. Jammeh to crave the darkness. Did Jammeh turn against them, which is usual trademark, is anyone’s guess ? Even if he does, they certainly nurture their wounds in secret or else write their own obituary.

One needs to understand that merely being a civil servant occupying a top position in present and past does not make one a Godfather to Yahya Jammeh or an enabler.

Let us now reveal the Godfathers – the men and women who will be baptised in the post- Jammeh – to re-educate them in understanding the essence of sovereignty and pure love for one’s nation. I hope Papa Kumba Loum, Janko Camara, Deyda Haidara, Bajaw and others can systematically provide the handiwork of these individuals.

Let us not accuse innocent people. It is erroneous to associate the quiet Gambian IMF academic Lamin Saidy Leigh with the Jammeh system. He is a quiet man who wishes to conduct his affairs away from politics.

We can blame the many Gambian academics who say nothing on the dictatorship. They are many; we can blame the Dr Leigh’s on that score, the Dr Ebrima Sall, Dr Cherno Barry, Dr Tijan Sallah, the many Gambian authors who quietly avoid any critical analysis of the Gambian problem vis-a-vis the Jammeh dictatorship. The culture of silence cements the aura and demi-god mentality of a tyrant.

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