The terror group Boko Haram

Gambian security few weeks ago rounded up several youths who were believed to have links to the Nigerian terror group. Boko Haram, a terror group that hides behind Islam, has been wreaking havoc in Nigeria since its creation in 2009 killing more than 10,000 people. Its fatalities have spilled over to Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

The presence of such a fatal symbol in The Gambia, let alone the able-bodied youths, has become a cause for concern. But the Jammeh government has chosen to deepen confusion among citizens as evidenced by its tight-lipped stance on this very sensitive piece of news. Neither the police nor Central government authorities volunteered anything on the arrest of the alleged Boko Haram inspired youths in Faji-Kunda.

However, our source said the government’s deaf silence is a calculated move aimed avoiding to scare tourists from visiting a country that is reeling with over 50 percent of tourism decline mainly due to Ebola crisis in the region.

Kairo News is also informed about the arrest of one suspect’s mother for attempting to hide her son. The number of youths arrested is not confirm, but the figure is between 7 and above. The security forces are said to be searching for more youths who are calling themselves ‘Gambia Boko Haram’.

The hardship, unemployment, and political suppression is said to be the motivating factor that turns youths to subscribe to the ideals of terror groups. Religious hardliners are said to be gaining grounds in the Gambia fast thanks to the government’s failure to provide opportunities for its youth who now see the need to cling on to anything just to make ends meet.

Kairo News is working hard to establish the full detail of the arrest and investigations.




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