United Democratic Party Leader Saluting crowds at the end of nationwide tour.


The United Democratic Party yesterday concluded the first leg of their countrywide tour in Serrekunda. The party faithful and well-wishers lined up the street whilst fleet of over 220 cars and vans accompanied the delegation to the party leader’s residence.

Lawyer Darboe gave a speech to the hundreds of people in attendance, reiterating the work that must be done to finally cut the chains of dictatorship and tyranny. He called on Gambians to Unite and work together for a comprehensive defeat to the APRC government. Lawyer Darboe thanked all those who contributed financially to the success of the tour, he equally thank those who solidarize with his party, he thanked supporters, the party executives for a fitting welcome, and fellow opposition politicians.


At his residence, youths can be seen trying, everyone wants to greet Mr Darboe personally. There are reports that, off-duty security officers went there to express their solidarity and also explain the hard working conditions they experience every day. Some complained of not being paid for 2 months, whilst some for three months. “The culture of fear is the hindrance to our democracy and proper exercise of the rule of law.” Stated Lawyer Darboe.

The touring caravan’s message to the people was on issues such as ‘end fear in the country, to touch base and get first-hand explanations of the hardships in the country. The UDP delegations also spoke on the need to end the back way to Europe. The death of Gambia’s youths is a serious subject of concern and a national pain. They also spoke on the failures of the agricultural sector, the failures of the educational system, the health system, lack of rural accessible roads, lack of trust in the legal system, no solid foundation for income generating schemes for youths and women etc.’

The full statement of Lawyer Darboe will be published in due course. In the end, he reminds Gambians to be steadfast, participate in the democratic process and understand their priorities. Today, Lawyer Darboe along with UDP supporters are attending the appeal hearing of the party’s treasurer, Amadou Sanneh.

Lawyer Darboe deemed the tour as a success. He also emphasised the need to build on the gains the party made during the travels through the country.



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