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Ousman Sonko’s hands are dirty with innocent blood!

The Gambia’s exiled former Interior Minister has had his asylum application rejected by Swedish authorities and kicked him out, Kairo News has confirmed. Ousman Sonko, the Gambia’s longest serving Interior Minister accused of being in cahoot with President Yahya Jammeh to commit atrocities, was deported to Spain. This development comes after Swedish immigration authorities nullified Sonko’s asylum request on grounds that he should have sought protection in Spain. Sonko himself admitted landing in Spain before proceeding to Sweden. Besides, he has Spanish immigration stamp on his passport. He is either ignorant of international immigration laws or he deliberately chooses Sweden where asylees enjoy phenomenal benefits.

Ousman Sonko, a former Inspector General of Police and presidential guard, last month took to his heels before his firing had been announced. Three months before his escape, Sonko personally threatened opposition with hell. Describing himself as the blind discipline (Baye Faal) of Yahya Jammeh, Sonko said he would not hesitate to create hell for what he called “trouble fueling opposition.”

The fleeing of a man who helped in entrenching the brutal Jammeh dictatorship clearly depicts that signs are on the wall that Gambians might be closer to liberating their country. If the system that the likes of Ousman Sonko have been bragging about is worth the salt, none of the fired officials would have fled.


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