Imam CeesayThe Imam of Detroit Islamic Center has admonished some Gambian Muslim clerics for “throwing stones” at Gambians in the Diaspora.

“It has come to my notice that some clerics in The Gambia are throwing venom at Gambians in the Diaspora, calling them all sorts of bad characters,” Imam Momodou Ceesay, himself a Gambian, said. “Some of these clerics even describe Gambians abroad as good for nothing people who do not love their country,” Imam Ceesay says in his weekly Friday programme on Kairo Radio.

Imam Ceesay considers such attacks as “rather unfortunate,” wondering why any cleric with “sound mind and wisdom will twist verses of the Holy Quran for his selfish interest.”

He says “this new generation of clerics needs to understand that the Quran was not revealed for the purpose of using it for anything other than what it is meant for; it must not be used to score political or personal gains,” the Erudite Cleric warns, enjoining venom-holding clerics to comport themselves within the confines of modesty and tell the truth or else “simply shut up. That is what our Prophet Muhammad [Peace be Upon Him] advised us to do.”

Imam Ceesay believes any person with the good knowledge of Quran must not for any reason reduce himself to the lowest rank. “Such a person is a Jewel who commands a lot of respect and admiration in society. He/she is a person who tells the truth and defends it at all times,” he says, brushing aside what he calls “unwarranted and unsubstantiated attacks on Gambians in the Diaspora. Clearly, there is no iota of truth in these attacks,” Imam Ceesays says, saluting hardworking Gambians abroad for adding value and meaning to the lives of their relatives and friends.

“I salute these people for bailing out their people with their remittances during the Holy Month of Ramadan and I expect them to continue their generousity pattern as we approach the Eid of Sacrifice. It is common knowledge that 90 percent of people in The Gambia depend on their relatives and friends abroad to make ends meet. These include even the clerics hauling insults at them. In fact, 90 percent of all the lofty buildings in that country are built by Diasporan Gambians. So without the help of Gambians abroad, there will be hunger and starvation in the country,” he says, advising insult-wielding clerics to be “wary of the fact that their insults go beyond their targets whose parents are their (clerics) own neighbours. In essence, they are insulting their neighbours – the very people they are refrained from offending.



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