jammehBy Siray Touray

Since the failed 30 December coup attempt, the Gambian dictator has been pretending to be under siege from his imaginary enemies. He concocted and cooked up a grand plan to deceive the diplomatic community into believing that some western powers have their hands in the foiled coup.

President Yahya Jammeh’s sinister plans will be unravelled pretty soon, for he cannot change direction and style. We have seen the African Union sending him a message of support and that the Chairman of the regional economic bloc Ghanaian President wheeling in and out of Banjul reassuring Jammeh of ECOWAS’ support and solidarity. Mr. Jammeh thinks his never-ending act of shedding crocodile tears is working well for him.

But I want the diplomatic community to pause for a moment and analyse the Jammeh administration’s 20 years of unacceptable human rights record. During the period, Gambians have been and continue to be strangled. These depressed and oppressed Gambians are of the view that their brutal dictator does not deserve the slightest of public sympathy or expression of support. A maniac never changes and the Gambian leader will never change. His Idol [the late Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya] never changed until death struck him.

The false narrative that the Gambian government is putting out to deceive the home opinion is a dangerous game the diplomats should not subject Gambians to. After all, the foiled 30 December coup directly contributed to the arrest and detention of over 27 people, among them minors.

Equally disturbing is a publication of a secret court martialing of 7 coup suspects by Kairo News.  The evidences gathered from soldiers and civilians arrested for links to the coup will be obtained through force and probable torture. Such acts are forbidden under the United Nations conventions and democratic norms.

The secrecy that clouded the arrest of innocent Gambians and the trauma people are going through is enough evidence for the world to diplomatically abandon the Gambian regime.

As Gambians, we call on the UN Commission on Human Rights, the EU, the AU, and Ecowas to stop massaging the brutal ego of President Yahya Jammeh. He is a dictator and tyrant, period. Any diplomatic overtures will be twisted to deceive Gambians. No more crocodile tears for a worst African leader.


Siray Touray

Siray Touray


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