fatou camaraThe tyrannical regime of Yahya Jammeh has finally blinked and produced four of the missing April 14th peaceful protesters demanding for electoral reforms ahead of December presidential elections. The embattled government today paraded Nokoi Njie, Fatou Camara, Fatoumata Jawara and Modou Ngum in High Court in Banjul. These peaceful protesters have gone missing since their arrest in mid-April.

The state’s silence on their whereabouts despite protests and flurry of diplomatic pressures, has raised fears that these detainees have also joined the list of the brutal regime’s casualties. With pressures mounting left and right, the Jammeh is forced to produce these people in court. The pressures have started bearing fruits. These innocent Gambians would have also disappeared had Ousainou Darboe remained aloof. His bravery act has brought about the beginning of a Gambia where citizens have put behind fear and claim their bonafide political and civic right to vent their grievances through peaceful protest.

Kairo News has gathered that the four produced detainees have been severely tortured by Yahya Janmeh’s security officers licensed to kill. These innocent protesters appeared to be in serious pain meted out on them by a regime that can torture and kill its citizens at will but its officials lack the balls to come clean on what happens.

It is breathe-taking to learn that these peaceful protesters are alive but it is not known the effect of torture on their health or general wellbeing.

Still the Gambia government remains silent on the fate of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, the UDP Organising Secretary who led a group of two dozen Gambians to publicly demand for electoral reforms. Sandeng was tortured to death, with the state refusing to hand over his remains to the family for a decent Muslim burial. The Gambia government’s fears lie on the backlash that follows hence the silence to allow time to heal the wounds.




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