Dear Honourable Minister,

Yes, Sheriff, good friend. Some 15 years ago you and I were talking over a plate of Benechin in a Bakau restaurant and you said this: “Many times have people misread Jammeh and I will not make that mistake”. That was in answer to my question “Why did Jammeh throw out the British Deputy High Commissioner [Bharat Joshua] when he is winning the election anyway?” But you were right then and Jammeh took a calculated election gamble.

But now, I think you and Jammeh have misread Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and the Gambian people – unless I am wrong and The Gambian people chose to betray Solo and Darboe.

Your BBC Focus on Africa comment “Who started it?” is uncharacteristically unthinking: it implies that it is OK to kill and jail totally peaceful demonstrators. Of course, the peaceful demonstrators may lead to an embolden population demanding a peaceful change of Govt – but that is their Constitutional right.

I am afraid, good friend, you are, to use a word you once used against me on Freedomnewspaper, in a “hapless” situation. As I rather “haplessly” see it, only one of two things will save your “hapless” Govt:
1. Darboe’s resolve buckles and he agrees to go home without Solo’s body or 2. Darboe remains in jail and/or dies and the Gambian people betray him. Looking at it dispassionately, none of these two scenarios seem likely.

It seems, I am afraid, Prof Jammeh has truly misread Darboe and Gambians this time.

On the other hand it could be just a “hapless” Luntango blabbering away! Time will tell.

Chi Jaama – and get some sleep if you can!

Dida Jallow-Halake aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi.
London, UK



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