APRC-1-1132x670Kairo News has just learnt that Gambian security investigators have been pursuing a soldier with regard to the Sunday’s arson attack on the bureau of the ruling APRC of President Yahya Jammeh in Kanifing.

The arson attack, which followed two other recent attacks in the Greater Banjul Area and the Kombos, has heightened fears among people as well as kept the regime on its toes. The name of the suspect who is believed to be on the run is yet to be revealed. A combined team of security investigators are doing their best to find answers to the arsonist’s motivation. In that, the fugitive soldier’s associates have been interrogated. None of them knows the fugitive soldier’s whereabouts or what might have motivated him to set the APRC bureau on fire.

However, Kairo News sources said the arson attack was borne out of anger. “You know majority of the soldiers feel they are betrayed by President Jammeh who relies more on the Police Intervention Unit. Besides, soldiers complained of poor conditions of service. But they see the PIU and other security units licking the honey pot,” said our source. “A short conversation with soldiers instil fear in you. Yahya Jammeh is just sitting on an egg; he knows it, that is why he does not want soldiers other than State Guards to come close to him.”

Kairo News will try to get to the bottom of this arson attack.



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