pixlrThe intelligent operative who coordinated the brutal torture of April 14th peaceful protesters has passed out shortly after he presided over the secret burial of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, Kairo News investigation has uncovered. Mr. Sandeng, an executive member of the opposition United Democratic Party, was tortured to death and buried at the National Intelligence Agency outpost at Tanji village in Kombo North.

Saihou Jeng (alias Sir Jeng), the NIA Director of Operations, coordinated the brutal tortures of the protesters who included three women. One of the tortured married women passed out and peed blood for several days, fueling murmurs that she might have been sexually abused. Court affidavit only chronicled threats of rape.

The tortures had left their negative impact on some genuine spy agents who have since started spilling the beans, for they don’t want to “live with the sin of not exposing the true story of an innocent man who died in a callous manner.” They promise to peel off Solo Sandeng’s story in piecemeal.

Going by their account, Sir Jeng coordinated the entire torture sessions perfectly but he got his own battle to wrestle with. He passed out soon after Solo Sandeng’s remains were buried. The Kaur native started shaking continuously. He then became unconscious and fell on the ground. Jeng was bundled into the car and rushed to the hospital where doctors reportedly diagnosed him with trauma resulting from rude shock. Perhaps, this was the first time Sir Jeng had taken part in extrajudicial killing.

Our sources would not fathom why the same Saihou Jeng who was at the center of it all lied in the court affidavit. Saihou Jeng would have made history for being a truth-telling spy agent with innocent blood on his hands.



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