Gambia's Minister Bojang Demonstrating in London - SAFELYUntil he had officially become a member of President Yahya Jammeh’s criminal government in early 2015, Sheriff Bojang had been admired and revered for his God-endowed writing skills. Any time the name Sheriff Bojang is mentioned, people think of that smart, talented journalist whose essays are loaded with literary sense. He becomes everyone’s child. Almost all Sheriff’s high school teachers have beaten drum for him.

Bantaba with Sheriff Bojang 1But Sheriff Bojang’s appointment as Minister of Information has revealed a different character. He is no longer that man who believes in freedoms and rights in their entirety. As pointed out by Dida Halake, Sheriff protested in London without being killed by the police why is the same man conniving with others to deny the opposition the right to protest peacefully. This is Sheriff Bojang’s colour no one — not even his many journalist talibes — know nothing about. What is responsible for this once admired Brikama Prince’s sudden change of behaviour is anyone’s guess. The Sheriff we know spent decades fighting against human rights, promote democracy, the rule of law and freedoms. How can the same Sheriff be in the heart of a government whose security forces tortured to death an opposition member? Perhaps, our Sankaranka prince had kept away his true colours from all of us.

Photos provided courtesy of Dida Halake



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