Thioro Mbow

Thioro Mbowe, Senegalese woman who burnt her kids to death/Inquistr photos

A Senegalese mother of three was accused of burning her kids to death, in protest against her husband’s right to have full custody over the kids.

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“A mother allegedly locked her three daughters in a shed and burned them alive while her husband was forced to listen at the end of a phone.

Thioro's periser kids/

Thioro’s periser kids/Inquisitr photos 

It’s claimed Thioro Mbow phoned her husband on his mobile and said: “Listen to their screams…” as his three precious children perished in the flames.

Husband Hellmut Ulin, 38, a foreman on a building site 12 miles away, listened in horror as his African wife allegedly told him: “I can hear their screams but I will do nothing to save them.

“You’d better hurry but you will be too late to rescue them. They won’t survive.”

The 35-year-old wife, who had earlier received a legal letter from her husband’s lawyer demanding custody of the children, went on: “I will never surrender my children to you.”

The girls’ father jumped into his car and raced back to his home in Lennik, a small town near Brussels, Belgium, while phoning his sister who lives nearby to hurry round to the house.

But it was too late to save his daughters Omy, two, Abbygail, four, and Madyson, six.

All he found were their charred and lifeless bodies with their mother standing near the still smoking garden shed where it’s claimed she calmly told him: “Ten minutes of screaming and then it was all over.”



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