img1461461438127By now, it is clear that Dictator Yahya Yahya Jammeh knows he is a thorn in everyone’s flesh. He is no longer a Gambian menace but a regional one. A single soul who goes around biting whoever he crosses path with as if he is a mad dog. Even the fingers that feed him have not been spared Yahya Jammeh’s poisonous venom. Was he not the one who milked Taiwan to the core only to dump the Asian Chinese nation when his financial request was denied? He is like a bull cow that gores even his closest relatives, friends and colleague presidents. Like Judas, he betrays everything, including his own words. Was he not the same person who swore to the Holy Quran that he would not allow anyone to rule The Gambia for 10 years? The man who badmouthed ousted former regime ministers for being “corrupt and flamboyant” said his seventh generation would remain rich. Yahya Jammeh whose Continent Bank account on July 22nd 1994 was in the red is today richer than the State, holds stakes in conglomerates and even own properties worth millions of dollars across the world, leaving Gambians to battle abject poverty, hunger and starvation. Besides hummers, he owns crocodiles, wolves and buffalos. Most of these wild animals and reptiles feed on Gambian fish resulting to shortages. Because he has dug his finger into everyone’s eyes, he is not at peace with himself when he watches mass protest against his belligerent behaviour on televisions abroad. He can dictate his useless television on what to cover but what powers does he have over journalists outside the country? He is so scared of the Senegal mass protest on Friday that he rushed to Kanilai. Yahya Jammeh’s main problem is his ego, arrogance, ruthlessness, greediness, rudeness and low inferior complexity. All these follow him even when he sits on the diplomatic table. Anyone who reads Weakileak Cables on The Gambia knows what we are talking about. His brutality on his government’s critics is premise on fear of losing power. Rule by fear is not sustainable otherwise Muammar Gaddafie of Libya would not have been taken down by a generation of freedom hungry youths who were born in his leadership. I am more determined today that Jammeh is on a borrowed time. All the writings are written on the world. Any government whose top secrets are in the public domain can’t survive long because there are too many enemies within the system. These are the people who blew the whistle on the coldblooded murder of Solo Sandeng and brutal torture of innocent women opposition activists. Only a coward leader tortures or kills to consolidate his powers. 




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