Thousands of Senegalese on Friday joined Gambians to protest against President Yahya Jammeh’s use of excessive force on innocent civilians. The protest, held in the Senegalese capital Dakar, provided an opportunity for protesters to display Dictator Jammeh’s tyranny, which include enforced disappearance and cold-blood murders of his opponents.
Placard holding Gambian protesters want Senegal to help them take care of their leader. They describe President Jammeh as a “bloodthirsty leader” who enjoys unleashing terror on his subjects. One protesters shown on Senegalese media explained how he wast arrested, detained and robbed of his wealth. Like many victim of Jammeh’s repression, he too fled the country.
Senegalese government officials listened to protesters as they explained the terror hanging over Gambians. Unlike in their home country where they would be killed for protesting peacefully, Gambians protested on the streets of Dakar without hindrance. No one questioned why they protested. That is why a former Gambian Foreign Minister thanked Senegal for not only guaranteeing security for them but also allowing them to protest and express their concerns to them. “This symbolises Senegal’s respect for the rule of law and brotherly relations with its Gambian brothers,” Dr. Momodou Lamin Sidat Jobe told Senego TV.
“Senegal did not say it will remove Yahya Jammeh from power but they have put truth on his face. He is told what he is doing is unlawful. Senegal will do all it takes to make sure there is peace and stability in the Gambia. Senegal has done everything it could to help Jammeh to succeed but he demonstrated his disrespect and arrogance,” Mr. Jobe said, blaming Jammeh for summoning Senegal at the ECOWAS Court when he disrespected the regional economic grouping after the last elections. “Jammeh didn’t want to listen to ECOWAS when he wanted to kill but he has the audacity to summon Senegal before the same body. That is why I said Yahya Jammeh has no logic.”
Mr. Jobe condemned Yahya Jammeh’s use of excessive force on peaceful protesters, including Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and his party’s leadership. Jobe said Senegal’s reaction has lifted their spirit to move forward with the fight to end tyranny and impunity in the Gambia.
Civil society activists who joined the Dakar protest asked President Jammeh to halt unleashing terror on innocent Gambians.


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