Kairo News Banjul sources have warned Gambians abroad, particularly those living in the United States, to be extra cautious while on vacation in their native country. The warning comes after two United States based Gambians were picked up by police at Kololi, only to be handed over to the feared National Intelligence Agency (NIA) personnel last night.

The duo, whose identities are yet to be established, were on vacation in The Gambia where they spent a week before their pick up. Our sources have been tasked to uncover the detained persons’ identities.

“Tell Gambians in the United States to quickly get in touch with their friends and relatives who traveled to The Gambia last week,” our impeccable sources advised, begging for cover. “There is a possibility of them being arrested by a government that enjoys trampling on the rights of innocent people.”

This latest case came on the heels of the disappearance of two American citizens in The Gambia.  Alagie Cesay and Ebou Jobe withdrew their savings and pension fund and traveled to the land of their ancestors, only to disappear without trace. The disappearance dashed their investment ambitions as well as left their families with tears. And to make matters worse, The Gambia government had throughout denied any involvement in their disappearance.

Our source said the Jammeh government is using the failed December 30th coup as a pretext to classify Gambians in the United States as prime suspects.  This makes it imperative for Kairo News to sound the bell while investigation to establish the detainees’ identities or whereabouts continues.

It’s always sickening to hear that Gambians who are arbitrarily arrested by state security agents disappear without trace.



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