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Fellow Gambians, as duty calls, the willing answer. After the success of the first leg of our tour of the country, the United Democratic Party national executive committee has mandated us to go on the second leg of the regional tour. This is to reach out to areas we couldn’t fully cover during the first leg.

Already, the advance party team has arrived safely in Jarra. The teams are headed by former national assembly members, Hon. Alh Modou Sanneh, and Hon Kemesseng Jammeh alias Mandela. I am departing today with the main party delegates to Lower River Region (LRR) to as usual, meet fellow Gambians in their abode as a means of connecting with them. An important element of the second leg of our tour is to continue to hammer home UDP’s requisite measures to expose the two decades of maladministration under a dictatorship in disguise as government. The tour will further remobilize our members to prepare them for the upcoming issues related to electoral calendar so that together we can get prepared to end the dictatorship in the Gambia through elections.

The first leg of the tour has totally unmasked the “fear factor” that has encompassed the life of ordinary Gambians. The party will continue with that pattern of engagement in this second leg to encourage Gambian people to muster the necessary courage and speak out openly against a government that has institutionalized corruption; betrayed the confidence of its people; continues to use deception to divide people through narrow fault lines of tribe and religion; and continually ignoring the plight of our farmers and youths.

Today, the whole country is engulfed in economic hardship with no end in sight. Corruption and corrupt practices continue to be chronically synonymous to the everyday life of the Gambian government where few cabal continue to plunder the nation’s resources. Farmers continue to be saddled in unending abject poverty because of the government’s inability to buy farmers’ groundnut.

The alarming rate at which the economy is declining to a near collapse points to the emptiness of a government that has nothing new to offer. The recent move by the dictatorship to forcefully regulate the free market should serve as a warning to IMF, World Bank, ADB, IDB, EU, USAID, EDF and other donor community that, assisting a failing government is tantamount prolonging the difficult climate Gambians are trapped in.

Today the president and his cabal of enablers have high jacked every facet of the economy elbowing out decent competition. Now almost the entire country felt betrayed by this dictatorship that has no interest of the Gambia at heart.

Now, more than ever, is the time to direct our energy towards demanding resolutely, the end to one man domination and an end to fear dominated politics. We as a people can only take so much. 20 years is the region every society takes urgency in ending strangulation and Mafioso style administration. Stand with us in this important task of taking our country back from this brutal dictatorship. Should there be an obstruction in our legitimate constitutional mandate, we will stand our grounds as always.

On a final note, my best wishes to the Caliph General of Dasilameh Sanghajor and Alkalo Buya Touray for their acquittal and discharge a few days ago by the Brikama Magistrates Court. We are all delighted that the rule of law takes it cause and they are now free men. In a genuine democratic society, such persecution wouldn’t have taken place. Lastly congratulations in order to our sister political party PDOIS for a successful congress in Bansang. We wish them all the best.

Long live the Gambia
Long live the UDP
Lawyer Darboe



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