Tune in to Kairo Radio all day today where organisers, fans, and lovers of kora music have shown their appreciation to the man who will be Crowned the King of Kora on Saturday, June 7th, 2014. The Kombo Sillah Association (KSA) is inviting Gambians and fans of the Great Jaliba Kuyateh to his coronation as the King of Kora. This will be made official in the city of Bristol in England. The KSA members said Bristol will split into two that day, as the city will witness the most spectacular performance by Jaliba. Many high dignitaries are billed to attend.

CROWNKairo News assembled the organisers of the Jaliba Kuyateh and the Kumareh band tour of U.K, The Gambia United Society, the Kombo Sillah Association members, Jaliba’s fans in Sweden, the U.k, U.S to take part in the conference call, expressing their delight in Jaliba being crown the King of Kora.

Kora_DSC_0355The head of the Gunjur-Malborough link, Dr Nick Morris who is nominated to crown Jaliba Kuyateh was also on the call, you can hear him and a whole lot of others on our radio today. Muhammed Lamin Sillah was the host, and Jaliba Kuyateh’s wife, Tuti Sanyang Kuyateh, introduced her husband. We have many voices on the radio today – males and female, young and old – who have all agreed that Jaliba deserves the Mighty Crown for his extraordinary works and efforts to shape millions of lives and help preserve Manding culture. It has been one of the biggest cultural revolutions in the world. Jaliba was so thrilled that he could not say much.




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