Abdul SavageRejoinder by David A. Davies

NRMG Has Already Started Jockeying For Fame by Abdullah Savage, Retired, US Army Member, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars – April 27, 2015

The obscurantist writer, Mr Abdullah Savage, seems to be what is termed in the army as a “barracks-room lawyer”. He is always pointing a criticizing finger at others whilst he sits comfortably in his home, contributing nothing by way of material help to the struggle or sober intellectual output of any conceptual nature to help advance the political discourse.

He doesn’t seem to have anything of substance to offer except sheepishly repeat the same jargons like “accountability and transparency” that he borrowed from his fellow soldiers of the Gambian military junta of 1994.
In short, these so-called low-ranking soldiers do not even seem to understand what these principles entail. But, perhaps as uneducated individuals and school drop-outs, they feel so good when they loosely bandy around high- falutin expressions.

At the start, Mr Abdullah Savage was somewhat supportive of the military option but, when he mistakenly claimed to be the military expert and strategist, he was cornered on “Hello-Gambia” online newspaper to provide his own military concept of operations as opposed to the NRMG thinking of removing the Gambian dictatorship “by all means necessary”. Regrettably, Mr Abdullah Savage conveniently avoided the debate and rather chose to duck and dive using other different online media outlets.

To make matters worse, he recently resurfaced on Freedom Radio as a political analyst but with no political acumen. Just listen to his lousy and pathetic Monday show on this online radio where he keeps on contradicting himself or repeatedly stating the obvious. He even makes outlandish utterances or attempts to give political analysis of the current situation but totally devoid of any political sense and of no serious conceptual nature.
Who in his right frame of mind would go around all over the online media parading such irrelevant and preposterous military insignia or decorations such as membership to military veteran or retirees club without the courtesy of even stating one’s own military rank? The military goes by rank, period. Or perhaps, such are those who are trying to seek attention, recognition or fame, “by all means necessary”?

At least, members of the NRMG who, undoubtedly are well articulate, are very well known by their military ranks, not by their membership to some Rotary club or by virtue of their freemasonry por whatever.

One can well do without the gratuitous and ubiquitous advisory statements that Mr Abdiullah Savage makes all over the online media.

For the records, I am not a member of NRMG nor do I hold any brief for them.



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