sanaKairo News has confirmed that one of the lead assassins of President Yahya Jammeh fled the country. Major Sanna Manjang’s escape followed his arrest and subsequent detention for an unknown crime.

Our sources also confirmed that Manjang’s escape resulted to the death of three unnamed soldiers on guard. It wasn’t clear whether Sanna killed the three soldiers to get his freedom. “They could also be killed for facilitating the escape of Sanna. All I know is that bayonet wounds were found on the dead soldiers,” one military source said.

Sanna Manjang would have been murdered had he not escaped, Kairo News sources concurred. Manjang had earlier facilitated the escape of his family to Dakar, Senegal. Sanna Manjang has been implicated in so many torture and extrajudicial murders. At the time of going to press, Manjang’s whereabouts remain unknown, although unconfirmed reports believed he had arrived in Dakar. Kairo News will keep its readers updated on any new developments on the story of Jammeh’s most trusted ally.



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