saballyGambian President Yahya Jammeh thinks the time is ripe for him to elbow out his once most loyal Secretary General and Minister of Presidential Affairs. This comes months after Mr. Jammeh succeeded in using Momodou Sabally as a weapon to tear down everyone, including his (Sabally’s) own ethnic Mandinka people, blaming them for “launching smear campaign against the Gambia government.”

It is sickening to read Mr. Sabally’s infamous October 2013 statement in totality. This extract of the statement gives you a clue of Sabally’s filth-laden remarks. “The government of the Gambia has been following events with utter dismay since 1994: the smear campaign orchestrated by some western powers using selfish and unpatriotic individuals (Gambians and non-Gambians). The enemies of the Gambia have been sponsoring Gambians and non-Gambians to set up organizations with media facilities outside of the Gambia to mount a shameless campaign of lying against the government and people of the Gambia. These people and institutions specialize in lying and providing false attestations for would-be asylum seekers using the main opposition party as a platform for such nefarious activities thereby casting a very bad and negative image of both the Government and noble people of the Gambia.”

Mr. Sabally’s offensive remarks raised eyebrows across the country, with many people praying for him to swallow President Jammeh’s bitter pills soon. The question now becomes whether these prayers are being answered.

With dirt all over his hands, President Jammeh does not want Momodou Sabally anywhere near him. The man who calls himself the Gambian Pen and even compares himself to the celebrated Nigerian Nobel Laureate writer Wole Soyinka. Perhaps, Sabally will know he cannot even hold candle for Wole Soyinka when Jammeh knocks him on the head.

There is no indication that Mr. Sabally will not follow the footsteps of his disgraced predecessor, Njogu Bah, who is fighting with mosquitoes, lizards and terror in Mile 2 Central Prisons. Being stripped of Secretaries General at President’s Office and the ruling Alliance for Patriotic, Re-orientation and Construction party tells us that the loudmouth Sabally is sitting on a knife edge.

Sabally is fooling himself if he thinks his troubles end with his demotion to the Minister for Higher Education, as Jammeh has already sounded the bell when he said “You cannot be president than the president himself…. so I see no reason why anybody would see his/her appointment as a license to show arrogance and bluff.”

President Jammeh’s characterization of his Pet Bulldog as an arrogant minister also insinuates that he has already made up his mind and waiting for the National Intelligence Agency to liaise with the Attorney General’s Chamber to nail the coffin. It will not be surprising to see Sabally arrested, detained incommunicado and paraded before the courts for the abuse of office charge. As the saying goes: “time never keeps a secret.” We certainly know Sabally has his hands inside the crocodile’s mouth. It is a matter of when and how he will be bitten. As we pen this editorial, Momodou Sabally must certainly be having nightmares or sleepless nights.



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