Last Friday’s violent protest in Kanilai is the work of rebel faction of the ousted APRC regime of Dictator Yahya Jammeh. These rebels who are on Jammeh’s​ payroll are receptive and supportive of more than three decades of tribal dominated rebellion in Southern Senegal region of Casamance. This rebellion is based on barbarism and cruelty, aimed at committing atrocities against innocent people. The violence that started in Kanilai should be treated as a National Security Threat which must be dealt​ with highest priority in order to protect and preserve our new Found Democracy and Freedom. For many years, there have been countless reports of Jola rebels infiltrating our national security services purposely to help sustain military dictatorship in the Gambia. Majority of these so-called demonstrators are rebel fighters who were once integrated in our military but decided to go on AWOL (Absence Without Leave) as soon as military screening started.  Desperation and confusion consumed the trouble seeking rebels that the only thing left on their plate was to incite violence. Their goal is to make the country ungovernable and in turn accuse the government of being too weak. As a matter or urgency, the new government should immediately investigate the so-called refugees in the Foni region. Many of these refugees were rebels who had been provided safe heaven in the country when the dictator was in power. The immigration, police force, and intelligence agency should send officers to investigate whether these people are true victims of Casamance separatist rebellion. There should be vetting process to ensure that they are not a security threat to Gambian people. Indigenous citizens must help security services in this effort. It is about time that Gambian people became truly interested in their own national security. For far too long, we allowed the rebel forces from Casamance to easily settle in various communities across Kombos and Fonis without subjecting them to extra security screening. We have seen them openly organized their weekend meetings where they raised funds to support and sponsor rebellion in Casamance in the last three decades.

Jawara’s regime failed to take drastic measures to stop this community tribal sponsored rebellion while Dictator Yaya Jammeh supported and used them to sustain his regime for 22 years. President Barrow must do everything possible to get rid of this cancer of subregion which causes so much economic, political, social and environmental sufferings on the people of both the Gambia and Senegal. There is no turning back on regulating our national security while the government provides absolute freedom and rule of law to ordinary citizens. Indigenous citizens deserve to live in peace and harmony in their own country. We cannot afford to allow Casamance rebels to continue to destabilize our country because of their political ideology based on genetically inherited destructive tendencies.




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