UDP member preparing to leave this morning

UDP member preparing to leave this morning

Yaya Jammeh dubiously chose the 31st March for three sad reasons. Firstly to divert public attention from the IEC deadline for party re-registration including his own APRC party, secondly to divert public attention from the UDP congress taking place in Basse from the 1st April to 3rd April and thirdly to increase heart bits in trying to mix Muslims and Christians by his bogus Islamic and Sharia declarations. The chosen date is simply geared towards making us forget our hunger and poverty as well as the border closure, which no one knows when it will open.

All the delegations he sent to Senegal failed miserably to have the border re-open.

When analyzing Jammeh’s rhetoric on this chosen date, the Christian community should not worry a bit about the cheap tactics employed by Jammeh knowing fully well that an Islamic State and Sharia law can ONLY be enacted by a REFERENDUM. We all know such referendum will fail miserably when put to vote. Since Jammeh has been putting Imams in jail for the past four years with utter disrespect, by the same token he tries to appease the Muslim Ummah by dangling his bogus declaration and fanning a false believe in Allah with intent to confuse us. Isn’t it the same Jammeh who three days ago called the Christian community and handed them $70000 live on GRTS whiles the VP ask them to forget her boss’s slippery Islamic declaration?

The same Yaya Jammeh turn around three days after and bombarded the house with his usual ping pong games with the sole objective of diverting temporary attention from the pressing issues that affect the Gambian people both at home and abroad. All these political balloons increasingly prove to us that Yaya Jammeh is not a religious person but rather an insane president who thinks can bring the different religious faiths at loggerheads. Yaya Jammeh neither believes in Jesus PBH or Mohamed SAW, he is only interested in what declarations and false hope propaganda pronouncements to use to further confuse and subjugate the weak minds even at the cost of attracting religious terrorism into play.

IS, KKK, Boko Haram et al have been invited in house that day to entertain the gallery. A house that was meant to hear him speak of his progress and failures over a year was rather drowning in theological and cynical darkness. Not having any good news to tell the people and being in an election year for that matter, our buffoonery president cunningly embarks on bogus propaganda campaign while always shooting himself on the foot whenever he opens his mouth. Every time he thinks he is a smart politician, he ends up annoying more people. I really pity the APRC militants who have to always engage in damage control of their STUPID leader who ran out of reason and steam to raise hopes for a better Gambia. Each day Gambians become more convinced that Yaya Jammeh has outlived his usefulness and should GO, GO and GO for good. What else?

Fellow Gambians we should not let Yaya Jammeh dictate the narrative as December approaches, he has nothing good to offer us except threats, lies and confusion. We the people should concentrate all our energies in designing ways and means of coming together and flush this tyrant out of our mist in December 2016.

Muslims and Christians as one Gambian family should begin to ignore Jammeh’s pronouncements and forge ahead to collectively vote out this ungodly virus in our body politics.

Thank you all.

By Deyda Haidara 


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