JammehBy Kinteh

Right here and right now is the time for us all to close ranks. Be it Njie, Jawara, Or Ngum, this latest revelations have shown that the broad section of the Gambian society is at risk of falling prey to these gangsters disguising as a gov’t. It is time to cease calling them a government.

Any one out there doubting the extent these people are ready to shed our blood in order to maintain their grip on the gambian state, I say you have not encountered them yet. We must stand firm in light of these brave revelations by Mrs. Ngoi Njie and demand for the total overhaul of the political dispensation in our country once and for all.

Solo Sandeng’s children deserve our unflinching closing of ranks to avenge their dad’s death. We owe them their define right to get their fathers dead body and beyond that ensure no other family lose their father in the hands of this bloody cowards killing us one by one.

We are a nation of diverse people who are condemned to live together side by side in mutual respect and support. In times like this, it is our solemn duty to give voice to the oppressed and not look away. If we turn away from this barbarism holding the country hostage, the mere summation of victims will come hunting us for generations to come. Apparently these thugs have no interest in the future of the Gambia and won’t care if civil strife breaks out as a result of frustration over the persecution of defenseless people going on unabated for years now. There are already so many victims and the more victims we neglect, the more likely that the country will descent into turmoil.

We can’t run away any more. We must face it. We must face the aggression and defeat it.



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