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There is no harm in accepting an offer of reconciliation from anyone, especially a political opponent, who is also occupying the Office of President…On the contrary, it should be a commendable, reciprocal act of goodwill and love for the country, to accept sincere and genuine offers for reconciliation, from an opponent whose rule has caused so much pain and despair, even to one’s own followers, family and relatives…

The GMC, as an Independent political party, has the right to respond to any given situation in their own way and I respect their right to accept Jammeh’s offer of “reconciliation….” and I hope everyone does too..

However, I am disappointed, not least because of the appeasing tone of the statement, but because the GMC is accepting an offer that is at best obscure, ambiguous and unclear, and at worst, just another gimmick of a self-righteous buffoon, who preys on people’s vulnerability and gullibility to brush and enhance his own image…As this staged – managed gesture is no different from the many previous, meaningless “offers” before it…

Indeed, societies that have experienced traumatic periods, either as a result of political or religious contradictions/practices or just inter – communal conflict, do need proper reconciliation processes and procedures to restore calm and confidence and move back into normalcy, as smoothly as possible…

Although The Gambia has not experienced the type of aggravated internal conflicts and contradictions, as we saw in Rwanda or South Africa (Apartheid era), two decades of Jammeh’s rule of impunity has undeniably, created what would seem to be political and/or ethnic/tribal and even religious tensions, that could flare into conflict if the transition from his rule is not properly managed.

It is, therefore, important that Gambians and friends of Gambia discuss and understand what reconciliation is all about, so that we can respond appropriately, to any sincere and meaningful offers of reconciliation coming from the Jammeh regime…

“Reconciliation” is been bandied around a lot in the diaspora these days, but the fact that this gesture from Jammeh, as well as, actions from certain individuals in the diaspora are classified as reconciliation (moves), does seem to suggest a lack of understanding of the term, at least, in the political sense…These actions by these diaspora former activists, may be “reconciliation” (or more appropriately, submission) of individuals with their former foe, but certainly, not in the sense of a political struggle seeking to end the rule of impunity and establish the rule of law..

This is so because the basic, fundamental “ingredients” that are required for genuine reconciliation (and healing) process to begin are woefully absent…When we cast our mind back on societies where genuine reconciliation took place, we find the presence of the following “ingredients”-:

(1)…Acknowledgement by all actors that something is fundamentally wrong;
( 2)…Establishing beyond any shadow of a doubt, what is fundamentally wrong;
( 3)…Identifying the key players and establishing the extent of their roles in the problem;
(4)…Formulating a clearly defined procedure and process of accountability and acceptance of responsibility as well as punishment…
(5)…A general willingness to fix the problem and forgive the perpetrators of.any crimes or wrongdoings for the sake of the reconciliation process..

It is evident that in the case of The Gambia, these are woefully missing..What seems to be required is for diaspora opponents to acknowledge that they are wrong, seek forgiveness and reconcile with the regime..That is not reconciliation in the political sense, but submission, as it changes nothing…

So let’s call it a SUBMISSION OFFER because that is what it is..



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