Samsudeen Sarr Alhagie Ceesay Ebou JobeSam, did you seek advice from Foreign Minister Neneh, from Information Minister Sheriff or even your Ambassador boss at the UN before releasing your statement that the two disappeared Gambian-Americans were not on a visit to The Gambia when they disappeared?

Really Sam, politics is politics but human decency is human decency.

Whatever battles you may have with your former Gambian Diaspora Comrades-in-Arms, you should consider the feelings of families whose loved ones have disappeared for two years before calling them liars: calling them liars for stating the simple fact that their loved ones disappeared whilst in The Gambia.

You stated, Mr. Sarr, that There is no record of the two Americans at any of The West African nation’s entry points” and added for good measure that

Ms Rice appeared to fall for the same trick of talking about a situation that she is least familiar with … Susan Rice should realize that politics from thousands of miles away is not as near the same as politics in the United States”.

That statement would have been fine for a partisan blogger – but not for a nation’s diplomat.

Now that the families have produced evidence to show that the two disappeared gentlemen were infact on a trip to The Gambia, and were in The Gambia, what will your argument to the United States government be? That you got it wrong, and they were infact in The Gambia but that the Government of The Gambia had nothing to do with their disappearance?

It would have been better to just keep silent and let the real diplomats such as Neneh and Sheriff deal with the matter. They would probably simply have said:

Respectable Ambassador Susan Rice, the two missing gentlemen did visit The Gambia but The Gambia government has no idea what happened to them”.

Now, thanks to Sam Sarr, the United States Government will be asking: “Why did The Government of The Gambia deny, through Deputy Ambassador Sam Sarr, that the two gentlemen were in The Gambia at all – when the evidence is that they were indeed in The Gambia. What is The Gambian government hiding”.

Please Sam, seek advice before you respond!

My sympathies to the families missing their loved ones.

Dida Jallow-Halake.


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