Imam Bakawsu Fofana In Exile

Imam Bakawsu Fofana In Exile

Ramadan is a month in which small deeds are multiplied. Remember to donate generously to Imam Bakawsu Fofana in exile,  Senegal. Imam Bakawsu and his students require our assistance in this holy month. The regular brothers/sisters who do it can contact me or if they want to do it directly like some brothers in U.S, please get in-touch.

I will provide his number and he will explain the method of facilitating the help. Private mail if you wish to help. The total amount sent will be privately copied to all those who assisted. Imam Bakawsu refuse to bow down to the dictates of dictatorship and state control over religious affairs. Remember him and make the Ramadan a month of solace and peace, in order for him not to worried about catering for his families needs. Together we can alleviate hardship for many.

Tuesday Or Wednesday next week 2 July 2014, any amount raise will be remitted inshalah. Any amount will go a long way. May Allah accept our deeds and bless everyone in this holy month approaching.  Amin

Mobile: 07523045849

Suntou Touray

Fund Raiser For Imam Bakawsu

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