Janky Wally SannehNatariko radio show today deals with many issues. First things first, the historical narration of the Kabou/Futa battle and the exchanges leading to the battle final fall of Kansala.

Almamy Bakary of Futa Timbo and Mama Janky Wally of Kabou had heated exchanges before tthe final battle of Kansala.

Our program today takes you on that past journey, why the confrontation and war took place. Why it took 19 years before Kansala was finally attacked. What role the death of the warlord Nghalen Sonko contributed in Futa forces mustering the courage to finally launch an attack on Kansala.

You will hear the griot king, the late Malang Njie-Kuyateh narrate this epic incidence very clearly.

Also on our program today is the detailed analysis of the week’s talking point: mainly on the homosexual arrest debate, the closure of three Christian schools, and the Ahmadiyya saga.

The program provided a background as to why many activists don’t get involved in the same-sex saga. The unclear information on the difficult sociocultural and religions dimension that muddies the debate have all been addressed succinctly.

On the school conditional closures, we explain that it is a Gambian educational charter, a requirement on all schools in the Gambia to have a teacher who teaches religious education, a Oustass for Muslim children. Also the Fatty versus Ahmadiya saga.

The program Natariko comes first and then Nfansun Kumo (my own word) comes next. Catch all day.



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