ML Sillah was the former head of Amnesty International Gambia

Gambian Ethnologist has advised parents to inculcate the spirit of association among their children in the Diaspora. Ebrima Kamara, who is based in Stockholm, Sweden, is the guest of The Talking Point on Kairo Radio today.

The program coordinator, Mohamed Lamin Sillah, talked to Kamara on a wide range of issues.

Mr. Kamara said despite their busy and sometimes complicated work schedules, parents need to spare time for their children. He said children should be helped to understand why they need to belong to associations, develop social skills and understand their complex world.

Kamara wanted parents to take their children to the park, help them with their homework as well as tell them stories instead of leaving them confined in institutions they (parents) have not got clear understanding of.

Gambian ethnologist believed in the power of association which breeds empowerment and strength. He said the importance of associations cannot be underestimated but that successful associations require efforts, understanding and patience.

Kamara said differences in values is mostly responsible for the failure of our associations. This means inculcating values in children so they see the need to associate and give back to the country of their parents.

Mr. Kamara said the key to success lies in rallying around a national objective to succeed. He wanted Gambians to bury their differences, coexist and live in harmony.

Mr ML Sillah also spoke to Suntou Touray, Kairo News Political Editor on the infamous comment uttered by a Gambian opposition politician. Instead of launching arsenal on the Gambia’s common enemy – the man who is bent on destroying everything Gambian, including tribal cohesion – Henry Gomez badmouthed Mandinka ethnic group. Gomez, the leader of the Gambia Party for Democratic and Progress, said on a Freedom Radio show that ‘Sosseh du sossal ken‘ meaning “Mandinkas are greedy people.”
The duo also discussed issues on mass protest and how such occasions can arise and properly managed without incurring loss of life. 


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