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Will the loud noises undo dictator Jammeh? Will public bravado and motomouthism undermine him without targeted messaging? Our addiction to scandals in the Jammeh system are a trap. Daily we are engrossed in who is fired, jailed, who is in court, about to be fired, on the run, cannot continue as activist base media operations.

The effectiveness of Yahya Jammeh’s propaganda is to do with our perceptions of him. Whilst he’s caricatured and made fond of, Jammeh and his enablers have been winning the home front. Yet, the continued perception our readers and listeners are fed with is a wrong strategy against dictatorship.
No the dictator succeeds without the back room intellectual class enabling and directing him. And the task ahead for the opposition, the activist force is that of crafting a workable propaganda agenda. For instance, Nigeria has a 10 year term-limit, Ghana, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Senegal, U.S, South Africa, nearly all credible African countries have toppositionscal and constitutional rule. The joint message should be simple, no more elections with Jammeh because he has to step aside.
This is simple, but if it is made as a formidable condition, opposition leaders be willing to be arrested on it, their youth bodies be alerted to take the fight to the regime. We can counter and stand a better bargaining ground than mere abuses on radios and social media.
Insulting Jammeh will not decrease his powers, turning him into a monkey will not do him any harm. Worst of all,  Jammeh’s back room is full of capable Gambians who choose to butter their bread in the short term, and there are fringe benefits, impressive CV for outside jobs. Yet, if we look around Africa, we will notice that, even if dictators fall, their enablers tend to be the immediate benefactors.
Take Mubarak and his cronies, after feeding on the blood of innocent Egyptians for 30 years, his conies are back on the seat of power and influence. President Jammeh’s operations and networks are controlled by people who are now highly experienced. They can cripple the Gambian economy if abrupt change happens today, without the masses being prepared.
Activists cannot afford to marginalise or work against one another. The propaganda messages need redrafting, and be made very simple. The intellectuals in Jammeh’s back room study us and they devise their strategy; we don’t even know who they aresince the cabinet is mere window dressing. My program today deals with what we are doing wrong in our propaganda front. 
After Natariko, our heritage and history, comes Nfansun kumo In English and Mandinka on now. Tune in.


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