President JammehBy Papa Kumba Loum

One thing that is very clear is that President Jammeh is deranged and a misanthrope (hater of humankind) and also psychotic. The cause of his condition is complex but certainly can be attributed to inferiority complex, jealousy, rage and a chip on his shoulders. Jammeh has over the years exhibited various forms of mental illness and in a normal society, Jammeh would been advised to seek counseling and psychiatric treatment. Unfortunately all those that surround him and especially religious leaders and opinion leaders have not been bold enough to tell him that he needs treatment and salvation.

Guys like the late Baba Jobe, late Daba Marena, Njogu Bah, Momodou Sabally, Lamin Jobarteh, Pa Harry etc, etc for their own selfish reasons (and supported by their families in the name of position and power) believed that they were immune from the madness of Jammeh and in the process aided and abetted him while he tortured, raped and jailed many innocent Gambians and plunder the economy. Little did they know that Jammeh is a destructive force from hell who will turn on them one day.

Well, I only hope that what has happened to Sabally is yet another lesson learned and will stop Gambians from being stupid, selfish, and hypocrites. My appeal to Parents, Uncle and Aunties etc, is to tell your loved ones that the positions offered by Jammeh are “nonsense” positions- you will only be serving Jammeh and not your country because Jammeh does not believe in professionalism, efficiency or progress. Any sensible person should avoid coming close to Jammeh. “Jammeh must go now” should be on the lips of all Gambians, including religious leaders and the security forces.

I implore all Muslims and Christians to end their daily prayers in the Gambia by saying “Jammeh must go now….Ameeeeeeeen”.  Gambians how long will we allow Jammeh to kill, humiliate and rob us of our freedoms???



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