Baabili Mansa: President Jammeh

Baabili Mansa: President Jammeh

With a comedian as the President, there is never a shortage of weird and dull moments in the Gambia. It’s all about either attracting people’s attention or exercising the power of control.

Take a bow Gambians and aim at a man who preoccupies himself with garnering titles instead of executing what he swore to do. Just last month he accepted the highly coveted title of Amirul Mumeen (Commander of the Faithful Muslims). But since President Jammeh’s greed knows no boundary, he wants to get everything whether by hook or crook. I found the latest public announcement carried on Mr. Jammeh’s propaganda machine (Daily Observer) not only laughable but also damn right insulting.  The message from the High Office of President notified public officials to take note of Mr. Jammeh’s newest crown of Babili Mansa (Bridge Builder).

Read Daily Observer’s notice and judge for yourself as to whether it makes sense for President Yahya Jammeh to betray the trust and confidentce reposed on him. “The Office of the President wishes to inform the general public that with effect from last Thursday August 14th, 2014, His Excellency the president of the Republic shall be addressed as: His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Nasirul Deen Babili Mansa (new addition).

It is beyond reason to rationalise the buffoonery attitude of the Gambian leader. How low can any head of state stoop like this? I am sure our good friend, Dida Halake, will find this new anointment bizarre and comical. Building bridges should be part and parcel of normal government’s development projects, however, adding it to a name is simply means going Bunkers.



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