In response to the article Halake’s London Letter: Is CDS Badjie In Charge of the Gambia, Bax wrote the following below

1. President Barrow has a unique opportunity to put a marker down and send a clear message to all officials, particularly the armed and securiry forces: institutions that have been key to the 22yrs of repressive rule, that impunity and disregard for the rule of law has no place in a Gambia that he leads;

2. CDS Badjie should be relieved of his position (as CDS) immediately, and the matter should be investigated by the Police to establish the truth, identify the culprits, determine the extent to which each is complicit and culpable, and prosecute, where evidence supports a case for prosecution.

3. The victim should be compensated by the state (as alleged culprits are state agents) and all costs towards his treatment and rehabilitation should be paid for by the Armed Forces or Defence Dept. and those found guilty should be surcharged to recover all costs;

4. Foroyaa is not guilty of mis-education because their reportage has adequately informed the public about this incident, without indulging in sensationalism.

Sensational journalism and reporting can breed unwanted situations, especially in a country like ours, that has just emerged from two decades of repressive rule (with the current CDS being a key player) and is undergoing a fragile transition period;

I honestly don’t see the need for the graphic details of the event as carried in the report by Sam Phatey, or their relevance in informing the public. I think such sensationalism is dangerous for our new democracy because it has the potential to arouse public reaction that could lead to civil strife.

Foroyaa’s reportage is therefore appropriate, as it has adequately informed the public, in a measured and responsible way and has carried enough information for anyone wishing to pursue the matter further to be able to do so.



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