Omar JallowThe ousted People’s Progressive Party (PPP) will neither contest in the presidential election nor look for leadership positions in the country, the party’s Coordinator disclosed.

Omar Amadou Jallow made the expose shortly after he returned to the Gambia. Mr. Jallow was on a two month tour in the United Kingdom and United States. The tour was meant to resuscitate or recalibrate the party that was overthrown from power in July 1994.

Mr. Jallow said the PPP will be part of the process aimed at bringing peaceful democratic change in the Gambia.

“We realise that no single opposition party can remove the incumbent [President Jammeh] from power,” the former Agriculture Minister told our Banjul correspondent. “Until and unless we in the opposition bury all our personal differences and come up with one candidate, we can’t achieve our objectives of removing Jammeh,” Jallow admitted on Thursday.

Jallow said the goal now should be how to dislodge President Jammeh from power after which all political parties can contest in a free, fair and transparent election. He said the opposition can then sign an agreement that guarantees level playing field.

Mr. Jallow also shared the reasons for his party’s just concluded tour with former Vice President Bakary Bunja Dabo. He said the tour was meant to inform Gambians in Diaspora about the “urgent need for democratic change” in the leadership of the Gambia. “Gambians should take full ownership of the country and shape her destiny,” he said, disclosing the party’s readiness to convey an emergency congress to establish new organs and branches of the PPP across the country.



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