Dear Editor,

Heroic Halifa Sallah must be awarded the Grand Order of The Republic of The Gambia for standing up to the Dictatorship from the point when Jammeh “annulled” the elections to the point when the ECOWAS forces entered The Gambia and chased the Monster away.

In that tense and dangerous period for the Nation of The Gambia, Halifa Sallah spoke for all Gambians – and the whole world listened to admired his words. Watching Halifa speak was like watching Martin Luther King’s speeches. History making occasions and Halifa’s words sent a tingle down the spine. Once the President-Elect left for his own safety to Senegal, dangerously exposed Halifa Sallah continued to be the face and voice of the Coalition to the whole world. Like Winston Churchill during the war here in UK, Halifa Sallah spoke for the Gambian Nation and stood up to Jammeh’s Fascism.

But this is Halifa The Man we all have come to know and admire. Halifa similarly stood up to Jammeh’s Witch Hunt Madness in 2011 and got arrested – and the write up on his heroism then was front-page of the Daily News in The Gambia (closed down soon afterwards) and Freedomnewspaper. Amnesty International and the whole world was alerted to the Jammeh’s Witch Hunt Madness by Halifa’s arrest and the pressure forced Jammeh to release Halifa – and end the Madness within a week.

So Halifa’s Heroism, like Sir Winston Churchill’s, is not in doubt. While Jammeh will be a “Zero in Gambia’s Hall of Shame” forever, Halifa undoubtedly is a “Hero in Gambia’s Hall of Fame” forever.
But Halifa shares Sir Winston’s single failure of character: Halifa, like Sir Wisnton, is too aware of his own greatness. Both Halifa and Sir Winston do not suffer “fools” patiently. Hence why Sir Winston had to leave and join ALL three British political parties and endured what has been described as his “Years in the Wilderness”. Halifa too has found it difficult to join a Coalition and work with others – until recently when Mrs. Jallow-Jabang brought the Coalition together. The 15-year period when the Gambian Opposition could not form a Coalition to challenge Jammeh (2001 – 2016) could also be described as “Gambia’s Years of Wilderness”.

So Halifa, like Churchill, has risen HEROICALLY to the challenge when his Nation called, and has, like Churchill, slain the Dictator.

But immediately after that victory over Hitler, the grateful British people rejected Churchill in the General Election that followed – because Churchill is a Warrior and not a humble unifier.

Churchill, in his mind always knew what is right and went for it – and did not suffer fools, even if the “fool” happened to be his Party Leader. Halifa Sallah is similarly single-minded – and we can see this in Barrow’s appointment of a Vice-President who is 2-years over the aged inserted into the Gambian Constitution by Dictator Jammeh (the age qualification specifically inserted to bar Lawyer Ousainou Darboe from contesting the Presidency). Now, the majority of Gambians would overlook that irrational Jammeh-amendment to the Constitution but not Halifa Sallah whose mantra has always been “Constitution, Constitution and Constitution”.

I think that is where the danger may lie for the Coalition and President Barrow if Halifa Sallah became the Speaker of The National Assembly. Speaker Halifa Sallah’s “Constitution, Constitution and Constitution” mantra could easily lead to a move to impeach the President move in the National Assembly over what most Gambians might see as a minor and inconsequential infringement of the Constitution (like the Jammeh-imposed 65-age limit).

On the other hand, from his current Heroic role, I can see that Sir Halifa Sallah (Grand Order of The Republic of The Gambia) would make a FANTASTIC Minister of Information & Presidential Press Secretary.

Just a humble opinion by a friend of The Gambia and a proud father of 3 Gambians; t lost Ethiopian now going by the name “Luntango Sunn Gann Gi”.

God Bless The Gambia, God Bless President Barrow and his Coalition partners, and God Bless my Gambian children, my Gambian “boy, boy” and his children. May peace prevail in peaceful Gambia – and “The Smiles” return to The Smiling Coast of Africa.

Dida Halake,
Notting Hill,
London, UK


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