Dembo & SheriffThe Gambia’s newly initiated journalist politician has turned daggers at the National President of the opposition UDP, calling him “a ridiculous and one of the most absurd politicians.”

Dembo By Force Bojang is reported to be an uncle of Sheriff Bojang, The Gambia’s Minister of Information, Communication and Infrastructure. Sheriff is also the APRC Liaison Officer for Bakau, a traditionally opposition leaning town Dembo had won parliamentary seats.

Sheriff Bojang, the proprietor and manager of The Standard Newspaper, has lived in Bakau for over two decades. The Brikama native was responding to Dembo’s January 31st statement at an opposition rally in Bakau. He said his uncle made “a made a series of fanciful and false statements that are totally divorced from the truth.”

“I don’t think he is a politician. He is a politricksian,” Sheriff told the Daily Observer. “How can an old man like him stand on a public platform and say things that are totally untrue? First, he claimed I deceived the President by telling him that UDP in Bakau has disintegrated and that they could not even hold meetings. I am on candid camera and on record. During the Meet-The-People Tour in Bakau, I told the President that the problem of the APRC in Bakau is the APRC and not other parties. I have no clue or interest about UDP disintegration or inability to hold meetings. My interest is to reorganise the APRC in Bakau and reenergise our base. As Jesus said, ‘Let the dead bury their dead’. No one can deceive President Jammeh about Bakau, because he knows better than anyone.”

Sheriff was also irritated by claims that he was a position holding member of the UDP who helped rganise rallies in Bakau. “This man must be living in cloud cuckoo land. If not for his white hair, I will call him exactly what he is. I have never supported the UDP or voted for the UDP not to talk of organising rallies for UDP in Bakau,” he blurted, asking Dembo to provide proof of his (Sheriff’s) opposition membership.

Mr. Bojang refuted claims of being educated by none other than his mother, granddad, Amadou Samba, President Jammeh and The Gambia Government. “Maybe he (Dembo By Force) educated me in his dreams. If he and his cohorts have those wherewithals, let them educate their children and relatives. As for his claim that they, whoever they are, gave me everything that I have today, I am not even going to dignify that with a response. Only Allah gave me what I have.”

He said Dembo is a “politician who has passed his sell-by date and that he is suffering from intellectual rigor mortis.” Sheriff said his uncle’s personal attack on him clearly mean the opposition is rattled.  While Jammeh is not at ease with the renewed opposition momentum swinging across the country, Sheriff is convinced that majority of Bakau people are solidly behind President Jammeh and the APRC.  “They have given their back to that discarded politics of cheap talk and clownish sloganeering. People are now interested in the politics of development,” he further told Observer, counting Jammeh’s established projects, including the University of The Gambia.

Mr. Bojang said the President will easily dump all his opponents on their rumps but the onus now lies on Dembo to tell Bakau people what he has done for them.



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