Magistrate Jaiteh/Standard Newspaper

Magistrate Ebrima JaitehJaiteh/Standard Newspaper

Kairo News is trying to find out the terms and conditions of Magistrate Jaiteh. He has linked his detention with a land dispute case he had tranferred to Bundung Magistrate’s Court. Jaiteh said his professionally executed decision was within the ambits of the law.

Gambian authorities remain tight-lipped on the case. Even the police officers who arrested and held Magistrate Jaiteh would not offer eexplanation.

However, most people believe that the soft-spoken Brikama Magistrate has been targeted for wrong reasons. Theg are convinced tthat Magistrate Jaiteh is a victim of witch junt by a government that harbours anger against him over his decision to set free Sheikh Muhideen Hydara, the Caliph of Darsilameh Sanghajor Sheriff caliphate six months ago.



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