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On the appointment of the acclaimed Gambian pen guru to the portfolio of Information Minister, one visualises the reasoning behind the appointment. President Jammeh always dreams of having a battalion of pen pushers to launder his image and present him all refined and saintly. This dream always eludes him, as no brigade of his recruits was able to withstand or put any meaningful serious challenge to the army of willing Gambians exposing his every conduct and undemocratic behaviours.

Our thoughts today are simple: we are bewildered and bemused at the appointment of seasoned Gambian Editor In-Chief in the person of Sheriff Bojang Senior as the new Information Minister in the Gambian dictator’s cabinet. Sheriff is gifted with the English language, eloquent and fabulous to read. A man with many tongues, I mean whilst keying away at his keyboard, gathering the elusive thoughts from the asaman, visions. What will Foday think of his friend now?

The pen cannot erase blood stains. The early warning admonitions to the erudite Sheriff Bojang. You have read many verses from medieval to contemporary poets and sages. No need to remind you of their names because you know them all by heart. Mr Bojang don’t even attempt to repair the tattered image or character of our bloodstained dictator. You are nothing to him, likewise all those before you. And sadly, you will not even be able to effect any meaningful changes in his addictive style of administration.

Remember that before you was the broken pen man, Nana Grey-Johnson who disgracefully joined Jammeh’s inner cabal, and now he is a lonely pathetic figure, drinking away his sadness at the YMCA or CC Bars. I am only wondering what your survival strategies will be. Isn’t it ironic that Teranga FM is closed down and Sherrif Bojang appointed Information Minister?Is that your your anointment comrade? Jammeh works in mysterious ways, always plotting and scheming.

The Finas (Mandinka bards) do sang that ‘Kutinya baa siyaa nin Sherrfiyaa tee kilinti (having a bushy flowing hair does not qualify one to be a genuine Sheriff). Kuubaa bee lanbang kundin my friend..Enjoy GRTS whilst it last.


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