Peoples Progressive Party: Resolution of the Second Conference of Delegates held, Saturday 13th July 2019, at The Friendship Hostel, Bakau




The Peoples Progressive Party convened in its second special Delegates Conference at the Friendship Hostel in Bakau, on Saturday 13 July 2019. It was occasion for a thorough review of the life and program of the party as well as deep reflection and exchanges on future prospects.

In this regard,

Conscious, as ever, of the historic bond binding the PPP to the people of the Gambia;

Aware of the overwhelming desire among the party’s following, as well as the widespread yearning among the Gambia populace at large, for a resumed active presence of the PPP on the national political scene;

Deploring the recent actions of certain unscrupulous individuals which resulted in the rigged December Congress, a fraud-ridden election and a bare-faced attempt to hijack the party, out of inordinate ambition and in pursuance of an unavowed agenda;

Conscious of the deleterious effect of the resultant protracted intra-party dispute, including court litigation, on the life and development of the party;

Hereby Resolve as follows:

  • Reaffirm its complete rejection of the flawed Congress process and its truncated leadership election result;

  • Reaffirm its strong commitment to the principles and decisions of the Bakau Declaration;

  • Further reaffirm its strong support for the on-going action initiated through the courts to ensure that truth and justice prevail in all aspects of the life of the party;

  • Decide to grant approval for the option canvassed for circumventing the present impasse by setting up a new and distinct party to pursue the P.P.P.’s historic mission with appropriate adjustments to reflect changing times and circumstance;

  • Set up a high-level Steering Committee to immediately start work on putting this decision into effect.

Done at Bakau

13TH July 2019


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