halifaThe opposition People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) has expressed its readiness to “cooperate with the UDP [United Democratic Party] to work assiduously for electoral reform so that no Gambian would be unreasonably and unjustifiably restricted from voting or being voted for in free, fair and genuine elections.” This assurance is contained in a solidarity the party’s Central Committee sent to the UDP as it commemorated 18 years of existence last month.

Below is the message verbatim:



History demands that we revisit the past to become well positioned to shape the future. Commemorating 18 years of existence gives your party the opportunity to learn from the past in order to shape its future. We are in solidarity with your spirit of revival and rejuvenation. To take leadership position in the political life of a country is not an easy task. It requires the transformation of difficulties into challenges and challenges into achievements. The fact that you are commemorating your 18th Anniversary today speaks volumes of the resilience of your party. Your membership should keep hope alive and take note of the fact that a genuine multi party system is the only way to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power between and among citizens with diverse interests.

PDOIS, therefore, wishes to covey to you the assurance that it will strive day and night for a society which would create a political environment that would allow the fullest development of each party to its highest standard so that any party which comes to the helm would do its best for the good of all of us.

In this regard, PDOIS is prepared to promote a climate of common solidarity among opposition parties to combat all those factors which restrict freedom of expression, association and assembly, so as to expand the democratic space to enable the people to form opinions and support parties without hindrance.

PDOIS is ready to cooperate with the UDP to work assiduously for electoral reform so that no Gambian would be unreasonably and unjustifiably restricted from voting or being voted for in free, fair and genuine elections.

The role of an opposition party is to check the excesses of those who govern and prepare to replace those who do not utilise their mandate to govern to satisfy the expectations of the sovereign people. Opposition parties are indispensable in a democratic sovereign Republic. Those who struggle to keep opposition parties alive and vibrant are safeguarding the fundamental pillars of a democratic order.

UDP is one of the pillars of the democratic order in the Gambia and PDOIS is ever ready to give its solidarity when its legitimate rights and interests are threatened. In the same vein, we wish to express our appreciation for being invited to share the joy and the lessons associated with the commemoration of your 18th anniversary.

Forward towards the enlargement of the Democratic space!
Forward Towards Genuine Electoral Reform!
Forward Towards a Genuine Multi Party System!”



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