By Suwaibou Touray, Administrative Secretary

We thank Mr Sillah for his opinion. This is precisely why we have put the agenda in the public space for discussion and input before opening the debate at the next congress on a motion to adopt its enriched version as the Manifesto of the party for the next electoral cycle. We owe a debt of gratitude to all those who take the time to share their opinions. This is what oils the wheel of democracy. Some contentions were substantive while others were peripheral. We will first deal with the peripheral aspects and then move to the substantive ones.


1. On Attendance
“the Barrow Kunda meeting could have been well attended, but not perhaps for the reasons that Hon Halifa Sallah and Hon Sidia Jatta hoped for. The two comrades perhaps thought the people came because they are a sovereign people answering to the call of political leaders truly concerned about their sovereignty while the people came to have a glimpse at the latest show of non-conformist political oddity” wrote Mr. Sillah.

Mr Sillah’s contention is that the attendance is not a demonstration of support for PDOIS as a party.

For his information Wuli is a constituency where Sidia had never lost a seat since the establishment of the Constituency until he chose to join the non participation campaign in the last National Assembly and Council elections.

Secondly, the public notice issued before the rally indicated it was being held to launch Agenda 2016 and to celebrate the election victory of Menkeh Barrow, the Independent Candidate who won during the council elections. For your information the incumbent who refused to stand again for the APRC wrote the following letter:

Barrow kunda village
Wulli West District

Administrative Secretary

APRC Bureau

Secretary General

Re:Resignation From APRC and Aplication for PDOIS Membership.

I wish to take this opportunity to convey to you my decision to resign from the APRC Party with effect from 23/02/2013.

For your information,i withdrew my support for PDOIS Prior to the 2010 Council By-Election and joined the APRC to stand as a candidate for the Election.I did so because of my thinking that I could contribute to National development under the APRC.Having served as a Councillor;i came to realise that I could not implement all the good ideas I gathered from PDOIS because of the way party authorities are exercised in the APRC.At the end of my tenure, I was almost at loggerheads with all the regional authorities because of my non partisan way of doing things to serve the interest of all without regard to party affiliation.
Finally, I could not blame them for being what the APRC wants them to be. I acknowledge that I was the misfit who made the wrong decision to abandon my party of choice.

I saw it wise to resign in good faith and go back to the party of my choice. I thank all those in the APRC who had confidence that i could serve the people through the party.

By a copy of this letter i wish to apply for PDOIS membership and hope that i will be able serve the party with greater conviction and determination.

Yours Sincerely;

Former Ward Councillor ,


In our view PDOIS does have a large support in Wuli. Notwithstanding, we would like to acknowledge that the presence of a large crowd does not always signify a demonstration of political support. People may attend political rallies out of curiosity. hence it is his prerogative to attribute the attendance to any factor he desires. An opinion is an opinion. The important point for PDOIS is that we were not disappointed with the attendance and many of those who attended expressed their satisfaction. This is the most we could ask for.

Muhammed Sillah wrote: “  I am baffled over if the document is an Agenda or a political manifesto. A political manifesto, as most of you know, is a policy document, declaring a party’s ideological principles and outlining its policies and programs. An agenda on the other hand is a set of issues to be tabled for discussion or a set of urgent issues to be acted on. “

We are not sure whether Mr Sillah has a copy of the Agenda but it is stated in black and white that it is to be tabled for discussion as the prime agenda for discussion in the next Congress . Instead of restricting the discussion to party members we decided to put it in the public space for general scrutiny. Agenda 2016 is scheduled to be the first document to be tabled for discussion in our next congress. We hope its enriched version would be adopted to become the Manifesto of our Party in the next electoral cycle.



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