Idle minds are on it again; PDOIS this, PDOIS that.. without any facts to base their arguments on. With all due respect to Mr Alieu Manjang and Max and their likes, you can never distort our history. It is already engraved in stone, so to say. Stop wasting your time and that of the people on fiction. We the Gambians should now be focusing on how to ensure a successful transition from a dictatorship to a genuine democratic dispensation instead of engaging in fiction writing and trying to present that as our history.

History already has it that PDOIS did not even have a representative in parliament neither was any of its members serving in the PPP government when the coup occurred on July 22nd 1994. Yet it was the only party that stood against the coup makers in defense of our democratic and constitutional rights and exert pressure on them for a return to constitutional order. This was at a time when most of the founding members of UDP [United Democratic Party] were either serving in the PPP government or in parliament or were senior members of the parties that constituted the UDP. None of these people whom the people voted into position of authority took a stand against the coup in its infancy either in defense of their own constitutional rights or of the people.

Mr Manjang and Max and their likes do not see it right to accuse these people of complicity with the coup makers but could accuse PDOIS whose leadership stood their ground against the coup makers and made it clear that they were ready to either go to prison or to their graves in defense of their constitutional rights and of the people.

The hard fact is Mr Manjang and Max and their likes, we were all confronted with a brutal and merciless tyrant who was bent on seizing all our rights and dictating to us in accordance with his whims and caprices from the start. You decided to surrender to him in the beginning due to fear of guns while we refused and stood our ground and were ready to go to our graves and in the process won the battle and were free to exercise our constitutional rights. Now if there is anyone who is to be blamed for complicity with the tyrant, it is you; by omission, not us. If there is anyone to be blamed for prolonging the stay of the tyrant and his tyranny, it is you; not us. If you had taken the position we took from the beginning the coup makers may not have been in power beyond twelve months.

History is inundated with facts that it was you [who were either serving in the PPP government or the then parliament or were senior members of parties that constitute UDP] who strengthened and prolonged the tyrannical regime of Yahya Jammeh from July 1994 to 2016 either by your actions or omissions ranging from your refusal to go into a tactical alliance with other parties and your boycott of the 2002 national assembly elections; your sudden and unexpected withdrawal from NADD in 2006 and your refusal to go into a genuine and fruitful alliance with other parties in 2011.




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