halifaThe People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) has issued a memorandum clarifying the status of the wife of Halifa Sallah.

Find below the said memorandum verbatim:


Dear Editor


I would like you to publish this memorandum for the general information of your readers.

As conveyed to you earlier the view expressed by Lafia Touray La Manju  that  Halifa Sallah’s  wife is a Permanent Secretary is incorrect.  As the administrative secretary responsible for monitoring and clarifying all issues affecting PDOIS I offered to link Lafia to Halifa Sallah so that he could ask him to clarify the employment status of his wife.  Since that has not materialised and he continues to give the same wrong information, we have no option but to clarify a private matter in the public space.

All interested readers should visit the website of the following organisation:

Educational Research Network
for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA)
Once it opens click the site executive Secretary. One is bound to find the following details:
ERNWACA Executive Secretariat
Friday 1 April 2011

The Executive Secretariat ensures the general coordination of the programs and the activities of ERNWACA. It facilitates the internal and external communication of ERNWACA, organizes the strategy sessions and the Board of Director’s meetings of ERNWACA, develops and updates the activities of the network.


The PDOIS Central Committee seizes this opportunity   to clarify its position on Public employment.

There is a clear distinction between party, government, public service and state.

In a Sovereign Republic, a party serves as a tool to form governments   in order to exercise control and direction over the public service in particular and the affairs of the state in general.

A Government relies on sovereign national wealth coming from all tax payers and public enterprises and resources owned by all citizens. Hence all citizens have a right to benefit from such sovereign national wealth.

This is clearly stipulated in all Republican constitutions, including the 1997 Constitution of The Gambia. It reads among other things:

“Every citizen of The Gambia of full age and capacity shall have the right, without unreasonable restrictions-
(a) to have access, on general terms of equality, to public service in The Gambia. “

The Public Service should not be a partisan service. A public service must have teachers, nurses, accountants , Doctors , Lawyers, Educationists , Administrators  and other personnel who should be employed and paid according to their professional qualification and should not be subjected to any form of victimisation or discrimination.

In our view, such professional and technical staff who are professionally trained to render advice on such matters are supposed to work for the public and not for a party.   Public servants should have security of tenure up to retirement age.
PDOIS stands for the separation of party and state and a distinction between political office in the public service and professional and technical office in the public service.

The Gambian people should deem any government unfit to govern should it deprive any Gambian a job in the public service because of political affiliation. A PDOIS administration shall exercise zero tolerance to discrimination, injustice and victimisation. It will guarantee security of tenure irrespective of party affiliation.

No Gambian would ever have any justification to legitimise injustice or victimisation. The just person must support justice everywhere and oppose injustice anywhere it raises it’s ugly head. Gambians are better served if they focus on how to put an end to all injustices confronting the people instead of comparing scales of victimisation and finding rationale for discrepancies in the perpetration of injustice against one group of citizens or the other.

Section 169 of the Constitution states that No public servant shall  be victimised or discriminated against either directly or indirectly for having discharged his or her duties faithfully and according to law or be removed from office or reduced in rank or otherwise punished without just cause.”

Hence PDOIS is ready to join hands with any human right defender to expose, condemn and call for redressing any  victimisation  of any public servant based on the political affiliation of  relatives or loved ones and further join hands with anyone to campaign and  remove any administration which perpetrates such injustice.

Suwaibou Touray
Administrative Secretary




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