Dr. SaineThe Central Committee of the opposition People’s Democratic for Organisation and Independence (PDOIS) has denied holding a meeting with a representative of the Committee for the Restoration of Democracy to The Gambia (CORDEG).

The party’s clarification is contained in a public notice sent to Kairo News. It was a reaction to some media reports claiming that a member of the diasporan organisation which had recently been rocked with some high profile resignations held a meeting with Gambian opposition parties, including the PDOIS. The party will not allow the matter to be buried under the carpet.

We hope the CORDEG executive will be bold enough to furnish the public about the veracity of the story in question. Did Malick Kah attend the said meeting without notifying the PDOIS Central Committee?

Read below the PDOIS’ public notice authored by Mr. Halifa Sallah.


4TH March 2015

This is to convey for public notice that PDOIS has held no meeting with CORDEG.  The Central Committee is investigating the source of the misrepresentation of the party and would issue a public statement on the matter in due course.

Halifa Sallah



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