Sarjo Bayang warns in September 2012

Panic and anxiety is gripping the Gambia’s Civil Service, with civil servants waiting to be punished.

Everything was going normal at the Civil Service until Wednesday afternoon when a letter from the State House was received by all the government departments and their line ministries stating that “it is compulsory on all Civil Servants to take part in a Solidarity March.” The stage managed march, to be held in Banjul on Thursday July 30th, is meant for the pardoned Mile 2 prisoners to express their appreciation to President Yahya Jammeh.

But a letter from the Office of the President makes it mandatory on “all civil servants and released inmates to attend the march or face punishment.”

Our sources said the President’s Office wants to get the names of any Civil Servant who refuse to grace the scheduled march.

Desperate civil servants who spoke to Kairo News would not understand why the President wants them to be part of something that does not concern them. “It is all part of President Jammeh’s desperate moves to force us to sing his praises; it is a cheap propaganda,” said a disstressed civil servant.

President Jammeh has been imitating the behaviours of the Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein of Libya and Iraq, respectively. Both former leaders forced their subjects to love and adore them more especially when they knew their days were numbered.



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