By Baba Galleh Jallow

Bla bla bla bla bla. Recently I personally expelled the so-called representative of a decadent and ungodly society – the so-called European Union – who tried to tell me about so-called human rights and the rule of so-called law and donkey opposition. They come to my country and try to dictate to me what to do and what not to do with my own personal power and my own personal people. I am not afraid of anybody but the All Mighty God. And then I heard the so-called national adviser of America saying that my country has no human rights and my country has no opposition, bla bla bla. If they did not hear me let me repeat myself loud and clear. There is no human rights and no donkey opposition in this country and I will rule for a million years. I will not allow any so-called Western ungodly and evil society to come here and colonize us again. They colonized us for one thousand years and now they come back here and talk to us about so-called human rights when there are no human rights in their own country. Where were they when I forcefully seized power from a democratically elected government 20 years ago? We are human beings and not Neanderthalled or however they say that word. Our ancestors are Adama and Awa. Adama married Awa and Awa did not marry Fatou. So if they want to say that we are not human beings, then they should go back and read their biblical stories which state clearly that we are the original ancestors of the human race and not the other way round. They think because they are white they are godly but in fact they are white because they are ungodly and I will not accept that.

In fact I am going to ban English in this country because English is the language of colonialism and we will never be colonized again. I will ban English and impose our local languages as the official language of this country. If you don’t like it you can go to hell. I will either use one of our languages or I will use a combination of two or three or even four of our languages and that will be our official language. No more English in this country. For one million years they enslaved us; then they came back and colonized us for one thousand years. And now they come back again and try to colonize us again for another one thousand or one million years. I will not accept that.

And if I say no more English in this country I mean no more English in this country. In fact I will change the names of all our high schools into local names and they will no longer be called high schools because high school means we are still colonized by the British. I will start with Armitage High School and I will give it a local name. In fact I will call it John Yohomal School. I say John Yohomal because even the word school is a colonial word and we have to get rid of it. And I will start with my own name John which is a colonial name and I will change it immediately. No more English names in this country. And so if you are called Peter or Paul or David or any other Western name, you must find a new name. Then as for Gambia High I am thinking of a new local name. Then for St. Joseph’s High . . . in fact why should a school for girls be named after a European man? I don’t care whether he is a so-called saint or not. Why not name this school after one of our many great women? And then there is St. Augustine’s High School. I will also change its name. And I will change the names of Crab Island and Marina International and St. George’s and every single school that has a Western name in this country. I am going to bring real independence and freedom from colonialism to this country. We are going to create local names for all the schools and even the word school is going to go. So if you are teaching in any school that has a Western name, you must be prepared to take the change because it is coming very soon. If you don’t like it then you can quit your job and you can go to hell.

And let me tell you something. After I change the names of all the so-called schools and ban the English language, I will then ban words like executive, legislature or parliament, and judiciary from this country because they are all part of the colonial legacy and I will not allow anyone to colonize us again. Before colonialism we had our own local names for all of these institutions and we will use those names. I will set up a committee to investigate these pre-colonial names and get back to me with their report and recommendations. If they do not recommend what I want to hear they can all go to hell. So if I appoint you and you allow yourself to be used by the West then I will deal with you so you will even forget when you were born. Executive, legislature, judiciary – these are colonial words that I will not allow to exist in this country anymore. And if the West does not like it they can go to hell. And any so-called journalist or donkey opposition that tries to say something about this will die like a dog with their tail in their mouths. And if I change these names – that means everybody who works in them will also change their names. So colonial names like chief justice, magistrate and lawyer, I will ban all of them. And colonial names like member of parliament or national assembly will also have to go. There will be no more president and I will be called Mansa since that is what our leaders were called before the evil colonialists came and changed it all by throwing dust in our eyes. We will not be fooled and people should mind their own business. Names like chief justice, judge, magistrate and lawyer or members of parliament will no longer be allowed in this country. We have our own local languages and we will never be colonized again. Colonialism is a crime against humanity and no one will commit that crime in this country again.

So what I am saying is that no more English in this country. If it takes me a million years to do it, I will do it in a million years. I say no more English and no more English names or any English words in this country. If the West does not like it they can go to hell. And if anyone is caught speaking English in this country, bla bla bla you will regret why you were born. Words like police and soldier – they are colonial words and will be banned and replaced with our local languages. And if the police and soldiers want to wear uniform, we will not call it uniform because uniform is a western word. We will call it asobi. Even the word office will no longer be allowed in this country. And we will find our own local names for things like paper and pen and computer and even desk and door, window and floor. If they want to bring computer into this country, they will have to call it by our own local languages because the word computer is a vestige of Western colonialism and I will not allow it in this country.

This exercise will be carried out through Operation No English. I have carried out Operation no Human Right and Operation no Donkey Opposition and Operation No Term Limit. Operation So-called European Union and Operation ECOWAS and AU are all going on right now. So don’t tell me that I am new to operations. Operation No English will be the final stick to break the back of colonialism in this country. Because colonialism is a donkey, I have to use a stick to break its back and drive it out of this country. So I will change our official language and I will change the names of schools and hospitals and roads and offices and everything that we now say in English we have to say in our local languages. They came here and colonized us for one thousand years and did not even plant a single light pole at traffic light junction. And now they want to come back here and lecture me about so-called human right and nonsense rule of law and donkey opposition when they don’t have these things in their own rotten countries. They think they can hide behind these empty words to colonize us again. Bla bla bla, that will not happen in a million years. I will rule this country until 20 million twenty and let me see what they can do about it. No term limit and no more English in this country. It’s a mad day.



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