Bissimillahi Rahman Rahim [In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful]

The Gambian people are bleeding. We are tired and suffering. We are desperate and yet we the Muslim Ummah [Community] have the solution to end our suffering.

Yaya Jammeh has rendered all our hopes of better and peaceful living as a Muslim community a far fetch dream. Even a peaceful democratic means of change is denied us to be preached in our mosque congregations. What do we Muslims have except our faith and places of worship? If inside our mosques Yaya Jammeh is more powerful than Allah then we have a serious problem as a people of faith. We should now stop and ask ourselves, do we worship Yaya Jammeh or Allah?

Those Imams and Muslim elders that do not condemn and preach against bad governance and injustice taking place in the Gambia do not have the faith in Allah and our Prophet SAW.

Those that think that Imams do not have the right to talk politics and civil rights have to go back to school and study Islam. During colonialism in West Africa, Imams, Marabous and Muslims Elders played a great role in fighting colonialism and obtaining independence from the white man. Today Gambia finds itself in modern day slavery with Yaya Jammeh and people say Imams and the Muslim Uma have no right to preach and participate in ending slavery from a president who said he owns the country?

As long as Yaya Jammeh remains president, Imams will go to jail without trial. As long as Jammeh remains president Imams will be arrested and tortured for no just cause. As long as Jammeh remains president, the leaders of the Muslim Uma will be humiliated and disrespected. Yet Yaya Jammeh depends on 90% of the Muslim votes to remain in office. Should we the Muslim Ummah continue to give our vote to a president who has no regards for our religion and religious leaders? If we the Muslim community decide that Yaya Jammeh will not spend one more night at State House in December 2016, he will pack and go for good. We the Ummah can do it democratically and peacefully by the ballot box.

When Yaya Jammeh ushered one single word that the Gambia is an Islamic State, the Christian community did not wait for the next step. They immediately converge and made so much noise that Yaya Jammeh had to quickly retrieve his Islamic word and head ties directive. They did not stop at that. They called all Christians denominations in the Gambia to converge en mass on a holy Sunday at the Stadium to show Jammeh that no matter their minority numbers they are united in faith to fight anything that threatens their existence and religious rights in the country they share with all people. Since he came to power, Yaya Jammeh never arrested a Pastor, Father or Priest. Yet it took only one single word from Jammeh’s mouth that made them come out and make their voice loud and clear and the rest is history. Yet we the Muslim community who elect Jammeh in office watch him put our Imams in Janjanbureh prison for months without charges. What is wrong with us the Muslim Ummah? Should we grant Jammeh another five years mandate to trample on our respect, faith and GOD given rights as majority citizens of this country?

The Imams have all rights and the duty to preach their congregations to go and vote. They even have the right to say whom they will vote for. You vote you exist, you don’t vote you don’t exist.

The real Jammeh enablers are the Muslims that vote for him and those that do not go to vote in election times. If we the Uma want Jammeh to respect our Imams, our religion and Muslim elders, we should and can vote him out of power come December 2016.

We do not need soldiers or coup d’état, we are the majority in the country and only us the Muslim Ummah can remove Jammeh from power by the ballot box.

We the Muslim Ummah can and should now end our suffering come December 2016 elections. When we go to the voting booth, let us think of our Imams, our exile diaspora Gambians our freedom and our democracy and cast our votes against Jammeh.

Thank you.

Please share this open letter in all social media networks, all online websites, and all mosques in the Gambia, families and friends.

May Allah save us from modern day slavery and disrespect under Yaya Jammeh, Amen!

Assalamu Alaikum.

Deyda Haidara



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